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Wisdom of Being Healthy

Sofiyskiy Fitness

A person who works out is not only healthy and beautiful but often more successful. Workout is much more than just a way to stay fit, it is an opportunity to step back from everyday worries, to relieve stress, to clear your mind and to get ready for new achievements. In Sofiyskiy we always aim to offer the most modern and unique programs to every club member and guest. Each training session is guided and carefully supervised by our highly-qualified specialists. All trainers in Sofiyskiy are keen health and fitness enthusiasts, who will never let you get bored and will make every visit to the fitness center an exciting journey to the world of health and beauty.

Mind & Body

HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY SPIRIT – This approach combines all the courses and exercises that will teach you to better understand your body and its capabilities, will guide you to the path of both external and internal perfection, and will help you find harmony with yourself and the world.

Cardio Training

HEART, OUR ESSENTIAL MUSCLE – Whether we like it or not, our bodies were created to live on the move. Motion and physical activity are the most effective ways to keep our muscles in good shape. Cardio exercises will help you make your heart and cardiovascular system stronger, as well as burn excess calories.

Aqua Training

WATER, BEAUTY OF NATURE – Since childhood, we all love playing in water, swimming and diving. Not only it gives us joy, but is a huge benefit indeed! Water workouts improve your posture, coordination and muscle tone. Trainings in the pool will help you instantly, relieve stress, and forget about fatigue. The water will carry away all your worries, and will give you a feeling of freshness, lightness and vigor.

Strength & Functional Training

EVERY DAY, STAY ON TOP – Strength, coordination, agility, endurance, and flexibility are the most important qualities not only in sports but also in everyday life. Functional training allows you to develop these skills and use combinations of them more efficiently. It will positively affect your health, and help overcome any difficulties.


STRENGTH IS ACHIEVED AND MAINTAINED THROUGH REGULAR TRAINING – When we hear about gym, the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps weight training on fitness equipment or heavy lifting with dumbbells and barbell. Strength training is the most effective method to increase muscle mass, get in shape and lose weight. Build the perfect body you have always dreamed of!

Martial Arts

THE MORE YOU SWEAT IN TRAINING, THE LESS YOU BLEED IN COMBAT – Boxing & Martial Arts will help you achieve new victories every day. Be victorious not only over rivals, but also over fatigue, stress and weight gain. The modern approaches and techniques such as Fit Box, Tae Bo and Aero Box will help you with that. Summon up all the strength – and knockout your problems with a single punch!

Rhythm & Dancing

EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE IS RHYTHMIC. EVERYTHING DANCES – Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression, in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy. It’s your self-expression where words become superfluous…” It is also a great way to re-energise or relax after a difficult day.