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Wisdom of Being Healthy

Full Complex of Beauty Treatments

What is more important – the beauty or health? What to choose first? We believe there is no need to choose! A good person has both great health and beauty. Sofiyskiy Fitness Center will help you feel great and look great as well. In Sofiyskiy Beauty Salon we gathered the leading experts who always know how to highlight your natural beauty and charm!

Hair Care & Styling

Only healthy, carefully groomed and full of life hair can look truly beautiful. It can help you create your perfect image, which will attract looks full of admiration and sometimes even envy. We know how to make your hair look like this! In Sofiyskiy Beauty Salon, we have collected the best hair care recipes and treatments for you from all over the world.

Face Care

A huge variety of carefully selected procedures, only the best care products from top manufacturers and a team of highly qualified specialists. This is our secret to fresh and beautiful skin. We know everything about healthy skin and we are always ready to share our knowledge with you. Give your face the best care. After all, you deserve it!

Body care

There are times when your really need to relax both body and soul. For these special moments we are pleased to invite you to the paradise of beauty treatments and spa rituals, in the heart of the city in Sofiyskiy. Modern and classical massages, aromatherapy, sauna and steam bath, milk baths, chocolate and body wraps, vitamin cocktails for the body, anti-cellulite programs and more to make you look gorgeous everyday!

Nails Care

The traditional French manicure, fashion designs, stylish geometry, warm and vibrant palette of nail polishes for every season. This is about manicure and pedicure in Sofiyskiy. Our nails care specialists will make all of your dreams come true, and to those who are too busy to dream about beautiful nails will offer a million bright ideas! The most trending colours from the top manufacturers and marvellous designs are waiting for you in Sofiyskiy Beauty Salon!


Juicy lips, eloquent eyes, perfect skin tone and eyebrow shape! Nothing will reveal your femininity and beauty, nothing will give you so much confidence and cheer you up like professional makeup.
Careful face skin diagnostic, accurate selection of cream textures and hues, luxury hypoallergenic cosmetics, individual eyebrow shaping and eyelash extensions and always a few different looks to choose from. Our job is to make you even more beautiful. And we love it!


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