Sofiyskiy Fitness Center has been raided by Narodniy Front!!!

Dear friends, our family fitness club has been raided! On the 25th of May a group of armed and masked policemen entered our premises and blocked us out of the office and stopped our daily operations, with them they brought 30 titushaks that barricaded themselves inside the club and office, with cash, valuables inside. Our clients were manhandled and kicked out, our belongings, those of our clients and partners have been welded shut inside. All this is done without any legal ground by Andrii Ivanchuk & Artur Grants

When Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Police, courts and Prosecutors are controlled by the raiders, everything is possible -there is no need for LAW. To find out more please follow us on Facebook and please help spread the word and defend justice. Please help us make this public as we are a small family business and they are a ruling political party.