Kids Club

Wisdom of Being Healthy

Sofiyskiy Kids Club

In Sofiyskiy, your children can try anything they like: yoga, dance, gymnastics or martial arts. Our trainers know how to turn a training into a bright and fun game. And who knows, maybe over time, this game will become a serious hobby!

Early Start

We made Sofiyskiy so you can work on your fitness as well as spend wonderful moments with your family. Come together, everyone will find something interesting! While you are setting new records, your children will have fun and learn something new. Be sure – they will fall in love with sport from the first moment, and this love will stay with them for life.

We developed a wide variety of programs for children from 3 to 16 years old. Children and teenagers enjoy visiting group and personal trainings. Schools of the Academy of Excellence offer a big range of targeted programs.

All our programs are divided into levels by age:

  • Baby I – 3 to 5 years
  • Baby II – 5 to 7 years
  • Kids – 7 to 12 years
  • Junior – 12 to 16 years

Kids Club

You wonder why children cannot sit still even for a moment? But there are so many interesting, exciting, thrilling things around! In Sofiyskiy, they can try everything they like: yoga, dance, gymnastics, or martial arts. Our mentors can turn a training into a bright and fun game. And who knows, maybe over time, this game will become a hobby!

Youth Club

Experiment? Entertainment? Turn everything upside down? Yes, anything, just not to get bored! Teens live in a dizzying world where the only rule is no rules! To each his own – it’s about them. In Sofiyskiy, any teenager will find something exciting: dancing, boxing, aerobics, fitness or martial arts!

Academy of Excellence

Sofiyskiy “Academy of Excellence” is a creative work of our trainers and teachers. The result is a group of courses, each will help your child acquire an essential skill. Thats why we decided to call them schools:

  • Swimming School
  • School of Martial Arts
  • School of Choreography
  • School of Art


In Sofiyskiy we understand the importance of the early development and its role in the future life of a child. This is why we are happy to have the international center for early child development Brillikid as part of our complex. Brillikid is a unique educational center, which has no analogues in Ukraine.